eOnOs offers a number of cutting-edge investment management, powerful data analysis, and modern educational services to our clients.

eOnOs team has the right combination of expert competence to support a thorough understanding of the application areas we serve. We work in close collaboration with our clients to develop novel services and software tools tailored to satisfy their specific needs.


Data Analysis




Reporting Tools


Portfolio Management


Risk Analysis

Portfolio Management and Risk Analysis

eOnOs has an extensive experience in developing state-of-the-art strategies for robust portfolio construction and efficient decision-making tools for portfolio managers. Furthermore, we build novel quantitative techniques for  systematic macro funds management and trading of proprietary capital. Our toolkit is completed with advanced data-adaptive risk quantification methods.

Data Analysis

The amount and heterogeneity of data produced in nowadays financial universe are ever increasing. To this end, we give special focus in developing novel numerical solutions to extract business-critical information in a timely manner, from all the available data. By combining state-of-the-art techniques in signal processing, time series analysis, and machine learning we are able to:

  • Extract information hidden in large, heterogeneous data sets, through efficient dimensionality reduction.

  • Reveal and monitor the underlying time-varying dynamical behavior of complex financial systems.

  • Perform efficient feature extraction from high-dimensional data to further facilitate the execution of complex computational tasks, such as pattern analysis and data mining.

  • Detect in time the occurrence of critical events.

Computing and Simulations

eOnOs has developed, and is constantly enhancing, a highly efficient computing platform, which reduces drastically the data porting, computing, and visualization times across the overall data processing pipeline. To this end, we build our numerical libraries by exploiting the most efficient operating systems (UNIX, Linux) and programming languages (R, Lisp, JavaScript). With our computing and simulation tools we provide to our clients expertise in:

  • Turnover forecasting and monitoring of financial performance.

  • Cash and risk management.

  • Data information processing and monitoring of the information system (Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP], databases).

  • Administrative, accounting, and financial procedures.

  • Past performance audit and future performance extrapolation.

  • Assistance in optimizing costs (e.g. social charges, structural costs: renegotiation of supplier contracts and commercial leases, etc.).

Reporting Tools

eOnOs offers a highly flexible and versatile software suite to cover the needs of our clients for performing extremely informative data summarization and visualization in the form of factsheets, in a quick and simple fashion. Our suite supports:

  • Interoperability among various computing platforms (desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices).

  • Flexible time series summarization (performance indices and summary statistics) and visualization.

  • Manipulation and visualization of small-field databases.

  • Quick one-page presentation of the payoff of a strategy or simulation.

  • Design of presentations with dynamic graphs.


In today’s rapidly evolving world, human capital is considered the best national resource. We strongly believe that education is a very vital tool, which is used in the contemporary world to succeed and mitigate most of the challenges faced in life. To this end, eOnOs gives a big emphasis on disseminating our knowledge to the next generation through high-level courses given in engineering and business schools. Our teaching and learning toolkit includes, among others,

  • Econometrics.

  • Finance.

  • Mathematics (Stochastic Calculus).

  • Financesophy ... philosophy applied in the financial world.