eOnOs is an innovation and consulting R&D company, leveraging smart technology and multidisciplinary knowledge to deliver operational efficiency.

Our main objective is to apply the most modern scientific theories and build our own technological advancements through dedicated R&D activities spanning many different fields of scientific knowledge. 

We strive to find the best techniques and solutions to help people take the right decisions in highly uncertain environments.

Our team intervenes in 3 key domains towards building cutting-edge investment processes accounting for critical quantitative and qualitative factors.


To help achieve this objective, we place a high degree of importance on diversification, global exposure, and skilled management when building our investment strategies.

We strongly believe that only through dedicated research and diffusion of results via educational activities can a long-term value and strength be achieved.

Our credo

Who we are

What our clients can expect

As a private client of eOnOs you will receive personalized investment management, high-tech computational solutions and educational services, which are tailored perfectly to your specific goals.


eOnOs team will work closely with you to adapt to your evolving needs.

Some of our clients

For us it is a privilege to be your investment manager and service provider. Our promise is to be continuously dedicated to your needs

eOnOs team will be gladly available to serve your needs at any time

We ensure consistent monitoring and growth of your investment product, along with constant update of our provided services to keep them at the cutting edge

In eOnOs we guarantee full transparency in how we report performance and how we communicate with our clients